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CINDY YEUNG is the Chairperson of the Emperor Watch and Jewellery. She has over 20 years of experience in the watch and jewellery industry, and she has obtained the qualification of Graduate Gemologist of Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Ms. Yeung is the Director of Examination of Hong Kong Jewellers & Goldsmiths Association and the HKTDC Jewellery Advisory Committee.

Ms. Yeung’s lifelong relationship with watch and jewellery began at a young age, when she showed incredible promise as a future leader of the family business. Under the guidance of her father Dr. Albert Yeung, Ms. Yeung learned the tricks of the trade, while the experience stimulated her mind and shaped her commercial and creative skills. Ms. Yeung graduated from the University of San Francisco with a major in Business Administration. In 1999, Ms. Yeung took the helm at Emperor Watch and Jewellery, and she has led the brand on a quest for constant innovation and breakthrough ever since.

Ms. Yeung believes jewellery is not only a piece of accessory but a work of art; every piece of jewellery carries a blessing, a promise, or even a legend of the future. Ms. Yeung’s passion for jewellery design shines through her work, as she sets out to present traditional jewellery craftsmanship and gemstones in contemporary designs. Ms. Yeung’s commitment to exceptional jewellery design and craftsmanship underpins her pursuit of excellence in every Emperor Jewellery creation. She holds the highest standards for the quality of gemstones, the artistry of the craftsmen, and the creativity of the design team, all of which makes Emperor Jewellery a synonym for perfection.

In today’s ever-changing market, innovative business ideas and strategies are crucial for the company that strives to renew its vitality. As the Creative Director of the brand, Ms. Yeung led her professional team in presenting the new high jewellery brand “Nuò by Cindy Yeung” in 2018. Every design from the “Nuò by Cindy Yeung” is an astonishing creation that encapsulates Ms Yeung’s singular vision and experience. The word “Nuo” is taken from the Putonghua pronunciation of the character“諾”, meaning “promise”, in the Chinese name of Ms. Yeung as it symbolizes Emperor Jewellery’s unwavering commitment to premium quality. Also represents an intricate link between Ms. Yeung and her daughter Ms. Jasmine Cheung, whose Chinese name also includes the character “諾”. It embodies a distinctive lineage, just like extraordinary jewellery being passed down through the generations. In a perfect unison of Chinese and Western sensibilities, “Nuò by Cindy Yeung” high jewellery captures the essence of gemstones in sophisticated designs, which highlight the beauty of nature as well as the brand’s unique jewellery aesthetics.