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Emperor Jewellery Celebrates Mother’s Day with Precious Love Collection

May 5, 2017

Maternal love is an everlasting gift, providing lifelong, unconditional care and protection in every possible way for children to grow up in happiness. In celebration of the upcoming Mother’s Day, Emperor Jewellery is proud to present the Precious Love Collection, a graceful and refined series of pearl jewellery for all of us to express our appreciation for the profound affection from our dear moms. Untouched by human hands, pearls are natural treasures that flash gentle yet brightening brilliance, symbolising health, blessings, elegance and purity.  Each and every pearl is the culmination after years’ of nurturing in oysters, and, as the love from mothers, never stops to radiate the soothing light that keeps us warm. Featuring pearls at its core, the Precious Love Collection is the ideal gift for children to give back to their mothers as a token of love, both for and from them.

Precious Love Collection  – Given Your Most Precious One A Precious Gift

Inspired by the love from mothers, Emperor Jewellery has carefully selected pearls of perfectly round shape and exquisite quality to become the major stones of the Precious Love Collection, which comes in a rich array of earrings, rings, pendants and necklaces, all crafted with 18K white gold and adorned with dazzling diamonds, the symbol of eternity. With the purely white pearls surrounded by a circle of glittering diamonds, the collection is reminiscent of children in the good hands of their mothers, who gently lead the way for the children to find their path without fear, as they know the love and bond from their mothers will never fade. With timelessness and aesthetic style in mind, the collection is designed for the graceful and tasteful mother, so that she can become the shining focus on this very special day, showered with the wholehearted blessings and appreciation of her kids.


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