Emperor Jewellery proudly presents“Imperial Secrets” Jewellery Collection in Macau

Dec 1, 2011

To showcase the extravagant character of the royals, Emperor Watch and Jewellery proudly presented the “Imperial Secrets” collection, which was exhibited at GrandEmperor Hotel in Macau from December 1 (Thursday) to 4 (Sunday) after touring in Beijingas well as Hong Kong. Along with the “Imperial Secrets” collection were various collections of dazzling diamonds, emerald jades, natural pearls and refined rubies. With remarkable design, these sparkling jewellery masterpieces fully capture Emperor Watch and Jewellery’s delicate craftsmanship and extraordinary creativity.

Attending the jewellery exhibition were famous artists Michael Tse and Kate Tsui. Both took the opportunity to witness the spectacular attraction of the dazzling jewellery masterpieces of Emperor Watch and Jewellery.

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