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Emperor Watch and Jewellery proudly presents “Emperor’s Treasures” Jewellery Exhibition in Macau

Dec 5, 2010

After touring in Beijing and Hong Kong, Emperor Watch and Jewellery proudly presented its “Emperor’s Treasures” collection, which was exhibited in Macau from December 2 (Thursday) to 5 (Sunday) at Grand Emperor Hotel. Not only did this year’s exhibition showcase the brand-new “Emperor’s Treasures” Collection, which integrated with traditional Chinese culture, it also brought to guests the sparkling diamond collections, the emerald jade collections, the natural pearl collections and the elegant ruby collections. All these masterpieces demonstrate the delicate craftsmanship and extraordinary design of Emperor Watch and Jewellery.

Popular artists Bowie Lam and Fala Chen were invited to the exhibition on December 2. While purchasing jewellery for themselves, the two presented the new collection and shared their knowledge on jewellery.

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