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Emperor Jewellery “Love Knot” Collection

May 14, 2019

The bowknots of love and bliss
Charlene Choi shares her secrets to loving relationships

A bowknot symbolizes an emotional bond and a loving relationship. Taking inspiration from the enchanting bowknot, Emperor Jewellery has launched the new “Love Knot” Collection. The brand invited artist Charlene Choi to attend the collection launch and model the jewellery designs at the event. In showcasing the romantic diamond jewellery for contemporary and stylish women, Charlene also shared her insights about maintaining close relationships with one’s beloved.

Tying bowknot with heart - Charlene sharing her experiences of love
A successful artist, Charlene strikes a balance between her busy career and her relationships with her partner, family and friends. Charlene shared her tips for keeping things fresh with one’s beloved, “I think relationships are like different kinds of bowknots. Every relationship is unique, and you have to give what it takes to make it thrive.” As Charlene glows with joy and sweetness, her experience encapsulates the spirit of the “Love Knot” Collection—keep your bonds with others close to your heart, and you will find the right “bowknot” for you.

The bowknots as symbols of different relationships - The “Love Knot” as Charlene’s favorite
Charlene used the bowknots to symbolize different relationships. “The one loop bowknot represents family. It is the simplest and easiest bowknot, and it evokes a family that is bound together. The two loop bowknot represents friendship, like the connection between two persons who stand by each other in times of need. The three loop bowknot represents the relationships between co-workers, the way different individuals strive together for a shared goal. The ‘Love Knot’ represents love. The knot with a bigger loop and a smaller loop resembles the union between a man and a woman, where she feels the joy of being loved.” She also feels the “Love Knot” is the perfect fit for her. “I think this Love Knot diamond jewellery set complements me the best. The three-dimensional design departs from the usual symmetrical bowknot, and it echoes my personality. I am always looking for breakthroughs, as I like to live outside of the box!”

Charlene’s tips for mix and match - Perfect showcase of sophisticated charm
At the launch event, Charlene was dressed in a sleek outfit complemented with the “Love Knot” Collection diamond jewellery, as the three-dimensional bowknot design brought a fresh and stylish touch to her image. A true fashionista, Charlene also shared her tips about accessorizing with style. “I usually go for the minimalist and sleek look, and accessorize with jewellery that fits my mood and style for the day. The designs from the ‘Love Knot’ Collection embody a sophisticated charm, instilling a stylish and vibrant vibe into the romantic bowknot. The diamond jewellery pieces from this collection are perfect accessories for mix and match, as they bring a dazzling sparkle that accentuates the wearer’s style and character.”

Ms Cindy Yeung, Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of Emperor Watch and Jewellery, and Ms Charlene Choi at the Emperor Jewellery’s “Love Knot Collection” launch event

In showcasing the stylish and vibrant touch of the Emperor Jewellery’s “Love Knot Collection”, Ms Charlene Choi also shared her tips for accessorizing with style.

Ms Cindy Yeung, Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of Emperor Watch and Jewellery, wears the Emperor Jewellery’s “Love Knot Collection” at the event, revealing the sophisticated charm of the contemporary woman.

Ms Charlene Choi is particularly fond of the “Love Knot”. The three-dimensional design departs from the usual symmetrical bowknot and echoes her personality, as she likes to live outside of the box.

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