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Emperor Jewellery proudly presents “Love Knot” Collection

May 14, 2019

Tying the bond of love and bliss
Dazzling demonstration of glittering jewellery by Charlene Choi

The bowknot embodies the emotional bonds that underlie relationships between friends, family and lovers. Taking inspiration from the aesthetics of the bowknot, Emperor Jewellery has launched the “Love Knot” Collection for contemporary women in a tribute to romance, style and a joyful life. To mark the launch of the collection, Emperor Jewellery has invited Charlene Choi to star in a campaign video that explores the manifold relationships between love and life. As a highlight of the video, the “Love Knot” jewellery brings a touch of elegance to Charlene’s sleek outfits and spotlights her unique charisma.

Taking inspirations from the “Love Knot” design, Charlene demonstrates different ways of tying a bowknot in the video that symbolize the bonds between friends, lovers and family. “I see different kinds of bowknots representing different kinds of relationships. Every relationship is unique and you have to give it what it takes to keep it thriving. Yet there are times when you don’t get the perfect bowknot even when you give it your best effort. In such moments, follow your heart and you may find the right way,” Charlene said. In carving out a successful career over the years, Charlene has developed a resilient character and remarkable confidence, while she has built and maintained wonderful relationships with her loved ones. Her experience encapsulates the spirit of the “Love Knot” Collection—keep your bonds with others close to your heart, and you will find the right “bowknot” for you.

Intricate bowknot in a three-dimensional designA touch of class and elegance

Happiness shines through the finer details of everyday life, while an exquisite piece of jewellery captures the unforgettable memory of a blissful moment. The “Love Knot” Collection presents two sets of stylish necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets in 18K white gold and rose gold that display the extraordinary craftsmanship of Emperor Jewellery’s creations. Pavè-set with diamonds, the jewellery pieces bedazzle from every angle. The two-loop bowknot features two tilting loops of different sizes in an asymmetrical design that emanates a youthful energy. The ends of the ribbon are adorned with baguette-cut diamonds that accentuate the three-dimensional design and the wearer’s femininity and elegance.

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