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Emperor Jewellery Proudly Presents New Chinese Wedding Fine Gold Floral Collection

Apr 25, 2019

Emperor Jewellery Chinese Wedding Fine Gold Floral Collection takes inspiration from alluring flowers from both the East and West in creating glamorous, sophisticated designs that instil a contemporary touch into traditional fine gold jewellery. This year, the Chinese Wedding Fine Gold Floral Collection introduces new fine gold jewellery pieces with the gillyflower and calla lily, which enchant in exquisitely textured designs that symbolize the splendored joy of married life.

A capture of eternal beauty and love
The gillyflower is a symbol of “eternal beauty”, and it carries the blessings for a lifelong and blissful union. In an innovative display of superb craftsmanship, Emperor Jewellery’s artisans have rendered the delicate petals in triangular, geometric nets that spell a uniquely stylish spark. The striking triangular net in openwork design not only brings a shimmering and refractive texture to the fine gold, but also reveals the opulent beauty of the gillyflower petals. The lace-like texture entices with a subtle glamour, as the gillyflower emanates a radiant grandeur. In their splendid and three-dimensional rendition, the rippling leaves lend a distinctly contemporary charm to traditional fine gold jewellery.

A floral touch to the sophisticated bridal style
The calla lily is a symbol of “grace, elegance and hope”, and the single-petal flower possesses a riveting allure. In recent years, the calla lily has been a popular choice for the bridal bouquet, as it accentuates the fresh and fashionable bridal look. Emperor Jewellery’s artisans have captured the calla lily in an intricately textured design of fine gold net that spotlights its enchanting petal. The sleek, graceful fine gold jewellery pieces with calla lily are perfect complements to Chinese wedding dresses, as they bring out the distinctive poise of the bride.

Forever entwined in the ribbon of love
In a departure from the traditional Dragon and Phoenix bangles, this fine gold wedding bangle features the ribbon as its design motif, which symbolizes the inseparable bond and deep love between the couple. In a stunning display of the splendour of fine gold, the artisans have created two sheer gold gauzes of different textures that evoke ribbons flitting in the wind. The interweaving of the two gold gauzes highlights a vibrant, three-dimensional sense of texture that spells a stylish glamor.

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Chinese Wedding Fine Gold Floral Collection - Gillyflower

Chinese Wedding Fine Gold Floral Collection - Calla Lily

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