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Emperor Jewellery Unveils the New Sunray Collection Hins Cheung showcases vibrant colors and dazzling halos

Sep 10, 2019

The glorious sunshine brings to mind pulsating sunlight days. Emperor Jewellery presents a selection of new designs of the Sunray Collection, which draws inspiration from the warm rays of sun. To mark the launch of the collection, Emperor Jewellery has invited pop star Hins Cheung (Hins), a consummate artist who embraces versatility with confidence, to star in the collection’s campaign video.

A versatile artist with an energetic character, Hins possesses a positive attitude that speaks to the young. In the campaign video, Hins models various ways of mix and matching jewellery pieces from the Sunray Collection, as he shines with a unique radiance that echoes the spirit of the collection. As Hins remarked, “Sunshine is the source of life. I hope my music can represent the passionate and blissful feelings of the sun as the Sunray Collection does.”

Exquisite settings to evoke brilliant halos
The Sunray Collection from Emperor Jewellery is inspired by the glorious sunlight. It features the sleek ring design as its central motif in creating diamond jewellery that evokes the halo of the sun, while the sunrays are captured in the brilliance of diamonds. In a display of exceptional craftsmanship, diamonds in round and square shapes are pave-set in alternation around the ring design, which accentuates the wondrous brilliance of each sublime diamond and the sparkling symmetrical patterns.

Minimalist touches for versatile styles
The new designs shine with sleek and minimalist touches in white gold and yellow gold. Elegant detailing can be seen on the sides of every piece, which features finely polished and three-dimensional facets that resemble scintillating sunrays, contours the beauty of geometric symmetry and a striking visual texture. Apart from single ring designs, the collection also featuring double rings on bangle and ring that evoke infinite and sparkling halos, as the jewellery pieces shine with an ephemeral beauty from every angle. Simple yet charismatic, the Sunray Collection brings out the wearer’s radiance and style, lending a touch of sophistication to every occasion. Hins also shared his tips for mix-and-match for different styles, he thinks pairing the Sunray Collection with plain colored clothing enhances the wearer’s distinctive personality, who seizes spotlight with the sense of spontaneity to his/her style.

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