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Emperor Jewellery Presents Limited “Mini Me BFF Set” with Luxury Candy Store Sugarfina

Mar 10, 2020

Celebrating Sweetest Friendship with “Mini Me” Memorial Pendants

One of the most indispensable elements in our life, friendship, keeps us warm like nothing else. Each of us has a special friend, or a “BFF” (best friend forever), who shares our happiest moments and lends us a shoulder when we are down. To celebrate the most precious friendship between us and our BFFs, Emperor Jewellery has collaborated with luxury candy shop Sugarfina from Beverly Hills, USA, to launch an exclusive “Mini Me BFF Set”, which includes a series of pendants in adorable animal shapes, bringing together Emperor Jewellery’s “Mini Me” collection and the most delightful Sugarfina sweets that best embody the caring and loving closeness among besties.

“Mini Me” Jewellery Collection: Hand in Hand We March
Emperor Jewellery presents the “Mini Me” Jewellery Collection with enchanting memorial pendant sets modelled after lovely animals, including bear, panda, giraffe, dog and cat. Each animal has its own unique characteristics, symbolizing the beautiful bond between friends with different personalities. Coming in different sizes, each pendant set is available in either a single diamond version or a full diamond-encrusted one. One can choose the set for celebrating the exclusive friendship with his or her BFFs.

Emperor Jewellery Limited “Mini Me BFF Set”
From 19 March to 19 April 2020, a complimentary “Mini Me BFF Set” containing two boxes of Sugarfina’s iconic Champagne Bears candies will be rewarded to customers upon purchasing two full-diamond pendants from the “Mini Me” Jewellery Collection in Hong Kong Emperor Jewellery boutiques. Now you can share the tastiest sweets with your sweetest friend!

Join Our Online Game to Win a “Mini Me BFF Set”
Enticed by the sweet delights of Sugarfina? If so, from 19 to 29 March 2020, you can simply participate in the Emperor Watch & Jewellery mini game on our official Facebook and Instagram pages by leaving a message including a picture of the friendship token between you and your own BFF under the relevant posts, and we will select the most interesting comments to win a “Mini Me BFF Set” (two boxes of Sugarfina Champagne Bears) to share with your best friend, along with some other exciting shopping privileges at Emperor Watch & Jewellery! Stay tuned for updates!

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