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Emperor Jewellery Celebrates Valentine’s Day with Luster of Love

Feb 3, 2020

Every special day in love is meant to be remembered. For the upcoming Valentine’s Day, Emperor Jewellery has curated a galaxy of shimmering pieces from its Sunray Collection, adding to the enduring vow of “I Love You” a mirage of light and illuminating the vitality of love among loving pairs. The Sunray Collection draws inspiration from the warm and glorious rays of a rising sun and its glorious sunlight. The delicate series of accessories apply sleek ring design to its central motif in creating diamond jewellery that evokes the halo of the sun.

Sunray Collection – Your Valentine’s Day Spotlight
No moment is more precious or worth sharing with the rest of the world than the second someone whispers “I Love You”, three easiest words that take courage and pride to speak out. The Sunray Collection captures the shiniest moment of love in chic annular designs boasting minimalist accomplishment, creating fine diamond jewellery accessories radiating golden aura of affection. Brilliance of the sun ray is apprehended in the dazzling diamonds, thanks to the exceptional craftsmanship and fine calculation of Emperor Jewellery artisans. Diamonds in round and square shapes are pave-set in alternation around the ring, accentuating the wondrous glitter of each sublime diamond and the sparkling symmetrical patterns. Elegant detailing can be seen on the sides of every piece, which features finely polished and three-dimensional facets that resemble scintillating sunrays, contouring the beauty of geometric symmetry and a striking visual texture. The Sunray Collection is bound to spotlight you and your beloved significant other from every aspect on Valentine’s Day.

Sunray Collection – Illuminate You with My Ray of Love
The sleek and minimalist lines evoke purity of love, whereas the rings perfection of being complete. In white gold and rose gold, the Sunray Collection offers a range of sizes fitting for both male and female or creating matching pieces, absolute romantic tokens of love on Valentine’s Day. Apart from single ring designs, the collection also features double rings on a bangle that shine with ephemeral beauty from every angle. Simple yet charismatic, the Sunray Collection brings out radiance and style of loved pairs – like a double star – lending a touch of sophistication with extreme modern savoir-faire.

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