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Emperor Jewellery “One Vow” Collection Make the Sweetest Vow to Confess Your Love on 5.20

Apr 20, 2020

Limited time offer: Bespoke Love Bouquet

Love words don’t always have to be gorgeous speeches. It is more than enough to touch her with the simplest vow- “I love you” if you pick the right day and the right gift. Emperor Jewellery presents the latest designs of “One Vow” collection for the romantic 5.20. The brilliance diamond ring allows you to transform your confession into an ever-lasting love token. This is a unique collection featuring the romantic love story as its design motif. Created with exquisite settings and impeccable craftsmanship, the selection of diamond rings embody the brilliance of a life-long promise.

“One Vow” Collection
A vow is all we could ever need in life. In “One Vow” collection, the sparkling diamonds and the delicate prong are paired in dazzling design, which enables the diamonds shine on every facet and are perfect witnesses for the joy and eternity of love. When you put on “One Vow” ring for her, it could be the most meaningful silence ever.

Limited time offer – Bespoke Love Bouquet
From 20th April to 24th May, a complimentary love bouquet will be offered upon purchase of “One Vow” collection over HK$52,000 to make your vow an unforgettable one. Initials of your lover or secret code can be added on the petal. The love bouquet is composed by 20 full bloom true touch silk florals, with flower language “Eternal love”.

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