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Emperor Jewellery Proudly Unveils New “Crown de Emperor” Collection

Jul 15, 2016

Every love story portrays a pair of lovers who look forward to the big day when they receive blessings in the wedding hall together, cherishing the profound love, romantic memories and future life between them.

Inspired by the Painted Hall of the Old Royal Naval College in London, which is hailed as one of the most opulent and magnificent wedding venues in Europe, Emperor Jewellery proudly presents the new “Crown de Emperor” Collection, which features the aesthetics of Baroque architecture in its highly exquisite design.
Thanks to the impeccable mastery of expert craftsmen, the art of spectacular architecture, the magnificence of ceiling paintings and the grandeur of prestigious banquets are blended together to demonstrate a combination of both contemporary and classic beauty, turning the vivid extravagance of marble sculpture and wall relief carvings into dainty elegance wearable on the finger, with valuable memories as timeless as diamonds inscribed.
To mark the glamorous launch of the new “Crown de Emperor” collection, Emperor Jewellery has invited popular artist Carlos Chan to star in a special video, which illustrates a romantic and heart-touching story that honors love and happiness.
Follow Your Heart and Stay True to Your Dream Love
The video highlights a scene when a man rotates the “Crown de Emperor” diamond ring, glittering light flashes out from his fingers, and brings to life a series of loving and precious moments between him and his lover. Deeply touched by these memories, the man finds himself looking forward to a beautiful life ahead, and decides to follow his heart and pursue the true love in his dreams, waiting to seal the vow of lifetime love with a special ring.
Fusing the Crown Design to Symbolize an Eternal Promise
With an aim to combine its renowned brand identity with perfect craftsmanship, Emperor Jewellery has fused its “Emperor Crown” brand mark into the prong design of its “Crown de Emperor” collection. Dazzling diamonds that represent everlasting and never-ending love are set on the crown prongs, celebrating the eternal promise between couples that they are the one and only love of each other. The prongs and rings, paved with smaller diamonds, fully demonstrate the mastery of expert craftsmen, with the design symbolizing two lovers holding hands to embrace each other and accomplish perfect marriage as shining as diamonds.
Picture 6) 18K White and Rose Gold Diamond Ring
Unrivaled Beauty of Light and Shadow Unleashed by Impeccable Craftsmanship
Baroque architecture is characterized by its exploration of light and shadow on the domes, as well as its unique use of natural light sources, put together to create a romantic space and a magnificent ambience. Inspired by this aesthetic style, the “Crown de Emperor” collection holds up the glittering diamonds with classic prongs. This enables light to pass through the diamonds from all angles, forming a dramatic stage where unparalleled brilliance is unleashed. Refined lines and patterns that resemble wall relief paintings are carved along the ring, showcasing touchable beauty that resonates the precious memories of couples during different stages of their love stories.
Set alongside on a line, three beautiful diamonds represent the past, present and future of a couple, reminding them their commitment to love, giving further meaning to their memories and extending the wonderful time they have with each other. The design reflects a vibrant and breathtaking three-dimensional style that truly impresses.
Picture 7) 18K White and Rose Gold Diamond Ring
Comprising a number of brilliant diamonds, an alluring ring of light holds in the center the dazzling main diamond, forming a design of ultimate elegance that coronates the happieness and vows of couples in their love story of a lifetime.
Picture 8) 18K White and Rose Gold Diamond Ring
The sleek and smooth lines of the design are well structured to add a graceful touch to the rings, so that the beautiful diamonds can emit their maximum brightness to seal the vows of happiness and radiate irresistible allurance.
Picture 9) 18K White and Rose Gold Diamond Ring
About Emperor Watch and Jewellery
Emperor Watch and Jewellery is an internationally acclaimed retailer of the world’s most prestigious timepieces and a manufacturer of trendy and sophisticated jewellery. The foundation for the firm was laid by Mr. Yeung Shing’s founding of Shing On Kee watch shop in 1942. For over 70 years, Emperor Watch and Jewellery has undertaken a determined pursuit of excellence. This commitment serves as a guarantee for the quality of products and services.
Emperor Watch and Jewellery offers many of the world’s most prestigious timepieces. In 1960s, Emperor Watch and Jewellery designed and manufactured jewellery on its own. The creation of Emperor Watch and Jewellery is born from a rigorous design process, from Chinese inspiration to contemporary accessories and dazzling masterpieces. The brand represents international acclaim for its impeccable craftsmanship and design that crosses cultures and continents.

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