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Grand Opening of Emperor Jewellery’s New 1881 Heritage Image Store

Aug 26, 2014

 (Hong Kong, 26 August 2014) Emperor Jewellery, one of the world’s most prestigious retailers of sophisticated jewellery, is launching their new image store in 1881 Heritage on 3 September. Located in the heritage district of Tsim Sha Tsui, the new store debuts the brand’s new visual identity: “Heartbeart Journey”. The new store also comprises two new boutiques of Patek Philippe and Chopard featuring world class timepieces and other exquisite masterworks, to celebrate the luxuriousness of these seminal brands.

To celebrate the opening of 1881 Heritage boutique, Emperor Jewellery proudly presents Heartbeat Journey Signature Collection, which brings excitement to customers with its playful and flexible design, allowing different styles and looks for every occasion.
Heartbeat Journey – the Brand New Visual Identity 
Emperor Jewellery prides itself on being one of the world’s foremost jewellery brands, dedicated to crafting the finest jewellery collections for its customers. Recently, it has invited internationally renowned designer Tommy Li to create a new visual identity – “Heartbeat Journey”. Taking inspiration from the patterns on electrocardiograms, the design represents the different emotions and sensations one feels at every special moment. The new Emperor Jewellery 1881 Heritage store incorporates this theme throughout the store, from the glass walls to its feature wall and jewellery counters. Together with an elegant greyish-green colour tone, the new store provides customers with a harmonious and dignified atmosphere to appreciate sophisticated jewellery.
Heartbeat Journey Signature Collection – an Emotional Masterpiece
Life is composed of thousands of millions of heartbeats – therefore, every single heartbeat records every special moment throughout one’s lifelong journey. The new Heartbeat Journey Signature Collection symbolizes the ups and downs of one’s individual journey with its playful and chic design. The diamond charms in round, heart or pear shape of the jewellery can be flexibly adjusted, and can thus be fitted with various styles, allowing one to express different emotions.
Information of Emperor Jewellery 1881 Heritage Boutique
Boutique Name: Emperor Jewellery 1881 Heritage Boutique
Address: G15, 1881 Heritage, 2A Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Opening Date: 3 September, 2014
Enquiry: 2723 2181
Boutique Size: 1,230 square feet


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