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Prominently ranked in “Asia’s Best Companies Poll 2014” conducted by Finance Asia

Mar 28, 2014

Emperor Watch & Jewellery Limited (the “Group”) (Stock code: 887) proudly announced that the Group has been prominently ranked in “Asia’s Best Companies Poll 2014” conducted by FinanceAsia, a renowned financial publication. Details of the accreditation are listed below,

Rankings in Hong Kong
Best Managed Companies: 6th
Best Mid-Cap: 2nd
Best Investor Relations: 3rd
Best Corporate Governance: 6th
Best Corporate Social Responsibility: 8th
With its solid foundation built over the years, the Group will strive to capitalize on growth opportunities for the benefit of shareholders, customers, partners and employees. Meanwhile, we are committed to promote effective and timely communication with the investment community to enhance the Group’s visibility.

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