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Emperor Jewellery Proudly Presents Heartbeat #LoveSecret Collection

Jan 27, 2017

In the season of love, pamper your Valentine with a special gift that speaks your heart in a unique and romantic way. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Emperor Jewellery has launched the new Heartbeat #LoveSecret Collection, which is engraved with secret messages of love in its swivel design for lovers to reveal their deepest affection to each other. The hidden messages, no matter in the heart-warming form of 520 (means I love you in Chinese) or the passionate style of 1314 (means love of a lifetime in Chinese), speak louder than a thousand words to take the love to a more touching level.

Characterized with its unique double-ring design, the Heartbeat #LoveSecret Collection offers pendants that symbolize two hearts that come together and beat as one. The inner and outer rings of the pendants are crafted with 18K white gold and rose gold respectively, creating a double-colour style that adds to the beauty.
At the core of the pendants are the secret messages of love, encoded with 5 + 2 diamonds to go with a heart (520) for lovers to express “I Love You”. All diamonds are meticulously set around the pendent, unleashing their eternal brilliance that represents the everlasting love that the owner of the gift receives. All pendants of this collection can be matched with 18K gold necklace or bracelet, dedicated for lovers to recollect their every touching and precious moments every day.
Witnessing the Everlasting Love of a Lifetime
Crafted as an expression of love, the pendants of the #LoveSecret Collection contain touching messages of love hidden in the inner ring of the pendants. Inspired by the heritage of Valentine’s Day, whose history can be traced back to the Roman times, Emperor Jewellery has encoded the messages with Roman numerals I III I IV, which can be unlocked by rotating the other end of the pendant. The messages vividly illustrate the blessings for lovers to stay with each other eternally in happiness.
Picture 2) 18K White and Rose Gold Diamond Pendant
Commitment Rooted in the Promise of I Love You
Love keeps no records of wrongs, and love is unconditional in giving out, because love is always blind. With this concept in mind, the pendants of the #LoveSecret Collection have used point alphabet to form the hidden messages of “520” to interpret the selfless and enduring love of true lovers, protecting their timeless romance as an amulet.
Picture 3) 18K White and Rose Gold Diamond Pendant

18K White and Rose Gold Diamond Pendant

18K White and Rose Gold Diamond Pendant

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