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Deceits committed with fraudulent “Emperor Watch and Jewellery (Beijing) Co. Ltd.” (英皇鐘錶珠寶(北京)有限公司) webpages claiming to be hiring outsourced labourers

Jan 16, 2013

It has recently come to our knowledge that deceits are being committed with fraudulent webpages in the name of Emperor Watch and Jewellery (Beijing) Co. Ltd. (英皇鐘錶珠寶(北京)有限公司), a subsidiary of Emperor Watch & Jewellery in Beijing, claiming to be hiring outsourced labourers. 7 such webpages have been identified up till now:

We hereby declare that we have never hired any outsourced labourers or authorized any franchisees and do not in any way relate to the above webpages or any other similar webpages not on the list .
We are highly concerned of this issue as our goodwill has been unlawfully misused to deceive the public. We hereby make this announcement to clarify any misunderstanding and urge all related parties to take caution.
If you require any further information, please contact Ms. Fiona Xu,
Tel           :  (86) 010 – 5901 6865
Email       :
Emperor Watch & Jewellery

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