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Emperor Jewellery presents a new TV and print advertisement for celebrating the 70th anniversary of Emperor Group

Jul 1, 2012

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Emperor Group, Emperor Jewellery presents a new series of advertisement including television and print, fully demonstrates the unique qualities of sophisticated modern ladies. Jewellerys are valued more than hundreds of million accentuating all the talents of modern women which are self-confident, innovative and advanced. Under any difficult circumstances, modern women are able to maneuver their own destiny with wisdom and confidence.

Those desirable talents are what Emperor Jewellery has always been committed to achieve. Over years, Emperor Jewellery has set a superb standard of excellence and innovation in the industry. The highly skilled craftsmanship and immaculate setting create the Emperor Jewellery with exception quality. Blended with self-confidence into the glittering and exquisite treasures, all women are alluring with the most precious colors.
The new TVC is titled as “the Queen of Diamond”. Preluded by gorgeous scenes, splendid jewellerys highlight the distinguished status of a fully confident and attractive woman. When she attends a private auction with exciting air, only a woman of confidence and courage can endure hardships. The heroine symbolizes the sophisticated women with outstanding perseverance, great wisdom and prodigious confidence to overcome any obstacles encountered. Heightening women’s eminent place and spectacular allure by swanky and dazzling jewellery to seize the “Queen-like” elegance, is the advertising theme.
In the advertisement, one of the white gold diamond necklace sparkles with 76 round cut diamonds and is highlighted by a round cut and heart-shaped diamonds pendant weighing 13.01 carats and 3.02 carats respectively. Another set of jewellery reviews the femininity and softness of a lady who is sparkled under the glitters of diamonds. No matter the quantity and quality of the gemstones, it is undoubtedly a creation of design and craftsmen. The 6.37 carats diamond ring on the male lead shows his supremacy and power. The TV commercial consists of part A & B, in 30 seconds. Unquestionably, it is the perfect combination of treasurable jewellery and a story of excitement.
With various modeling in print advertisement of “Queen of the Diamond”, different tremendously precious and protean designed jewellerys, such as classic diamond, rare and natural green carved jade and elegant tourmaline, are showcased by the heroine in different styles in order to show the modern ladies’ glamorous temperament.
The new series of advertisement from Emperor Jewellery will be released in July. Let’s pay close attention to it!

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