Emperor Jewellery proudly presents The Brand New Extension of YoYo Collection Simple yet Extraordinary That’s the Rhythm of Love

Jan 31, 2012

In this special Valentine’s Day, let us continuing embraces our love with excitements and happiness. Emperor proudly presents the all new “YoYo” bracelet and ear-rings. The meticulous design inspired by our childhood favorite toy, yo-yos, using a simple yet extraordinary and sensational design to represent the attitude of eternity love. The collection is not simply romantic, it is modern and stylish. Fascinate your love ones by this extravagant Jewellery pieces in this romantic occasion.

The “YoYo” diamond bracelet and ear-rings are available in either 18K white gold or 18K rose gold, both equally magnificent and glamorous, allowing you to readily match it with different attires suitable for different occasions, the collection empowers you to radiate your own unique allure. It sparkles with brilliance and splendor as it spins on its axis, symbolizing perpetual longing and enduring love; and in the vastness of eternity, only ones’ innocence can withstand the test of time. Engraved in the middle of the pendant is Emperor Jewellery’s signature crown, embodying the brand’s endeavor to uphold its outstanding tradition of maintaining an impeccable craftsmanship and meticulous design for every masterpiece it creates. The latest “YoYo” collection is now available in Hong Kong and Macau branches of Emperor Jewellery. Capture the precious and joyful moments in this romantic Valentine’s Day!

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