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Emperor Jewellery Proudly Presents “#DearMe” Collection

Dec 7, 2016

As the classic saying goes, every girl needs to hold herself dear before she deserves true love. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, what’s better than pampering yourself with dazzling jewellery pieces that enable you to capture everyone’s attention with augmented glamour?

Committed to adorning the adorable souls of girls with the elegance of jewellery, Emperor Jewellery gladly presents the #DearMe Collection, a series of stylish masterpieces created by expert craftsmen for girls who treat themselves well to sparkle with allure and confidence across all occasions. By cherishing every valuable moment in life, girls can bring out their most beautiful self, blossoming like a flower with the unparalleled glitter of gems.
#DearMe Floral Collection – Combining Popular Palette and Exquisite Design
Following the theme of spring, the #DearMe Floral Collection is designed with the popular blue and green colour of aquamarine as its major tone. Glistening aquamarines are matched with white diamonds to express the joy of spring and summer, and black diamonds are added in to delineate the floral silhouette, making the design more stereoscopic and vivid with rich layers.
Inspired by the blooming flowers in early spring, the collection features smooth and sleek lines that go with the diamond pavè to reflect the beauty of dainty flowers. Available in a range of pendants, earrings and rings, the collection is ideal for mix and match with different outfits to create graceful, understated or playful looks for important occasions or everyday life. Indulge in the #DearMe Floral Collection to give yourself the bloom and vigour of flowers, together with the dazzle and brilliance of fine jewellery.
18K White Gold, Sapphire, Black & White Diamond Earrings
18K White Gold, Emerald, Black & White Diamond Ring
18K White Gold, Emerald, Black & White Diamond Ring
About Emperor Watch and Jewellery
Emperor Watch and Jewellery is an internationally acclaimed retailer of the world’s most prestigious timepieces and a manufacturer of trendy and sophisticated jewellery. The foundation for the firm was laid by Mr. Yeung Shing’s founding of Shing On Kee watch shop in 1942. For over 70 years, Emperor Watch and Jewellery has undertaken a determined pursuit of excellence. This commitment serves as a guarantee for the quality of products and services.
Emperor Watch and Jewellery offers many of the world’s most prestigious timepieces. In 1960s, Emperor Watch and Jewellery designed and manufactured jewellery on its own. The creation of Emperor Watch and Jewellery is born from a rigorous design process, from Chinese inspiration to contemporary accessories and dazzling masterpieces. The brand represents international acclaim for its impeccable craftsmanship and design that crosses cultures and continents.

18K White Gold, Emerald, Black & White Diamond Ring

18K White Gold, Sapphire, Black & White Diamond Earrings

8K White Gold, Emerald, Black & White Diamond Ring

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