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Emperor Jewellery Proudly Unveils New “Dazzling Love” Collection

Nov 16, 2016

As the footsteps of winter draw near, the joyful and festive season of Christmas is just around the corner. While you look forward to get together with your friends and family in all kinds of Christmas parties or luxurious dinners, don’t forget to share the happiness by selecting a meaningful piece of jewellery for yourself or your loved one in this blissful festival of gratitude and blessing.

To celebrate this wonderful time of the year, Emperor Jewellery proudly presents the “Dazzling Love” Collection for you to express your profound love and blessings to yourself and your true love, creating a precious and romantic moment only for both of you.
Beautiful Gems that Mark a Lucky Season
Originated from Europe, four-leaf clovers are a famous sign of good luck and fortune. Inspired by this popular symbol, the designers of Emperor Jewellery have put diamonds, which are often associated with eternity, together with rubies to create the “Dazzling Love” Collection, offering graceful pendants and rings that take the shape of four-leaf clovers.
As rare and precious as four-leaf clovers, natural rubies form a key part of this collection, making it a perfect gift to bring bountiful luck and blessings for yourself and your loved one. Under the brilliance of Christmas lights, this stunning collection will turn you into a dazzling focus in an eventful Christmas.
Picture 1) 18K White Gold Ruby & Diamond Pendant
Picture 2) 18K White Gold Ruby & Diamond Ring
Express your Boundless Love with Jewellery that Represents Eternity
Christmas is always the time when lovers send their love and warm wishes to each other, and when secret admirers reveal their fondness feeling to the ones they love. Designed to bring happiness in this festive season, the “Dazzling Love” Collection features blazing rubies and glittering diamonds to embody the burning and overflowing love. While the brilliant diamonds demonstrate the pure loyalty in a relationship, the previous rubies radiate the passion that brings fiery love to conquer the cold winter.
Picture 3) 18K White Gold Ruby & Diamond Pendant
Picture 4) 18K White Gold Ruby & Diamond Ring
About Emperor Watch and Jewellery
Emperor Watch and Jewellery is an internationally acclaimed retailer of the world’s most prestigious timepieces and a manufacturer of trendy and sophisticated jewellery. The foundation for the firm was laid by Mr. Yeung Shing’s founding of Shing On Kee watch shop in 1942. For over 70 years, Emperor Watch and Jewellery has undertaken a determined pursuit of excellence. This commitment serves as a guarantee for the quality of products and services.
Emperor Watch and Jewellery offers many of the world’s most prestigious timepieces. In 1960s, Emperor Watch and Jewellery designed and manufactured jewellery on its own. The creation of Emperor Watch and Jewellery is born from a rigorous design process, from Chinese inspiration to contemporary accessories and dazzling masterpieces. The brand represents international acclaim for its impeccable craftsmanship and design that crosses cultures and continents.

18K White Gold Ruby & Diamond Pendant

18K White Gold Ruby & Diamond Ring

18K White Gold Ruby & Diamond Pendant

18K White Gold Ruby & Diamond Ring

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