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Emperor Jewellery Proudly Unveils New “Heartbeat” Collection

Aug 21, 2017

 Stirring the Heart with the Thread of Love

Life is composed of thousands and millions of heartbeats. Emperor Jewellery is proud to present the new “Heartbeat” Collection, its latest collection that takes inspiration from the patterns on electrocardiograms to encapsulate the journey of life in exquisite jewellery. “Heartbeat” embodies the most precious emotions and experiences that go beyond jewellery. The new designs are inspired by the red thread of fate – as the red thread connects those who are destined to meet in serendipitous encounters, the lovers see their fates intertwined and set off a journey of two hearts beating as one.

The “Heartbeat” Collection
In the “Heartbeat” Collection, rose gold and white gold come together in a perfect pairing as the pendant and necklace are matched, like two hearts tied together with the magic thread of the Chinese Cupid Yue Lao. The new collection features heart-shaped and rounded-shaped designs. Patterns evoking the rhythms of heartbeats run across the 18K rose gold heart-shaped frame, where pulsating heartbeats and everlasting jewellery intersect in a delicate design. The 18K white gold round-shaped pendant looks dazzlingly sleek inside the sparkling frame, and it is matched with a necklace that can be flexibly adjusted. The playful design is distinctly chic and fashionably versatile, bringing out qualities of confidence, glamour and elegance.

Charlene’s Heartbeat Journey Showcasing the Brand’s Philosophy of “True to Your Heart”
To spotlight the heartbeat concept of the collection, the brand invited artist Charlene Choi to model the new designs and the connections between beauty and the heart that they embody. Charlene was enticed by the unique designs from the collection at the first sight. “I feel the Heartbeat Collection is truly special. It is inspired by the patterns on electrocardiograms, like two hearts being tied together with the red thread of fate. I love this design in which the necklace and pendant are intertwined. It’s a remarkable concept.” During the photo shoot, Charlene mentioned that diamonds are a symbol of eternity, while her relationships with her parents are forever in real life. As for her love life, she longs to have a lasting love that is filled with romantic passion and heart-stirring moments.


18K White Gold & Rose Gold Diamond Necklace

18K White Gold & Rose Gold Diamond Necklace

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