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Emperor Jewellery Presents the Romantic “PAIO” Band Collection for Valentine’s Day

Jan 12, 2018

 Featuring a unique inner and outer band design that symbolizes the intertwining of lives in love 

The Valentine’s Day marks the start of romance for a good many lovers, who nurture their love through time and go on to exchange wedding vows. On this sweetly festive day, the streets are filled with vibrations of happiness that evoke memories of tender love. Lovers in the early stage of their union are akin to two triangles that collide between moments of sweetness and occasional conflicts, until they come into unison as two intertwined circles through time and understanding. For Valentine’s Day this year, Emperor Jewellery presents the “PAIO” band collection featuring the unique inner and outer band design that symbolizes the intertwining of lives in love. On this day of romance, pledge your commitment to your beloved and share memories that will last a lifetime.


Emperor Jewellery’s “PAIO” Band Collection

 “PAIO” in Italian means “one pair”. The “PAIO” band collection embodies the promise of true love and the embrace of precious moments in life. The new “PAIO” bands feature the unique inner and outer band design, where the inner band freely rotates 720 degrees without an axial connection. The intricate turns capture a delicate spatial aesthetics, resembling two distinct personalities that come into unison as two circles through time and understanding, while their souls merge into one on the journey of a shard life. Meticulously designed and impeccably crafted, the collection spotlights the perfectly calculated radians of the inner and outer bands, while using the elasticity of 18K gold to create a three-dimensional design that encapsulates a pair of hearts intertwined in love.


The “PAIO” inner band is polished with distinctive surface treatment and feature a “PAIO” engraving that makes a perfect reminder of the lovers’ union. The design is available in 18K white gold and 18K rose gold. 


Emperor Jewellery’s “PAIO” Collection also includes a variety of classic PT950 platinum bands. Platinum is a precious metal 35 times rarer than gold; like true love, platinum is durable and resistant to corrosion, as it retains its pure radiance through time and bears witness to eternity. The design of “PAIO” platinum bands captures this timeless perfection and the dazzling lustre of pure platinum, while the finely wrought curves echo the confidence of the lovers who stride towards a brilliant future hand in hand. 


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