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Emperor Jewellery Proudly Presents “Crown Your Life 12+1” Chinese Zodiac 2018 Collection

Jan 15, 2018

Welcoming an Auspicious and Vibrant Year of the Dog 
As touches of spring fall, it is time to embrace the upcoming Chinese New Year. To welcome the Year of the Dog, Emperor Jewellery is proud to present the new “Crown Your Life 12+1” Collection, which features gold adornments modelled on the 12 Chinese zodiac signs and a special edition Pixiu design that embody blessings for the new lunar year. The collection features the regal crown design that crowns each Chinese zodiac sign, as it symbolizes wisdom, courage and glory for wearers of all zodiacs in striding into the new year. Every zodiac animal wears an ebullient smile that enchants and adds to the joy of Chinese New Year.

Pixiu – A Harbinger of Fortune and Peace
Pixiu is one of the auspicious animals in ancient Chinese mythology and a symbol of prosperity, while Pixiu decorations and accessories are believed to bring fortune and peace. Emperor Jewellery revamps the traditional Pixiu in an original and adorable design, as the gorgeous jewellery augurs fortune and joy in the new year for the person who wears it.

3D Hard Pure Gold Bracelets of “Crown Your Life 12+1” Versatile and Stylish Bracelet Designs
Emperor Jewellery has always been committed to innovation and setting new trends in jewellery. Apart from the enchanting appearances of the Chinese zodiac signs, the pieces are crafted in pure hard gold to create the 3D effects that accentuate the vibrant and adorable designs. In addition, the signature crown design of the pieces embodies blessings of love and respect for the wearer. The bracelets also reflect the artistry and thought of the designers – the gold adornments are matched with fashionable bracelets in sleek designs that make for trendy jewellery. The bracelets are available in different colours, as the wearer can pick their lucky colour for the bracelet, mixing and matching it with other stylish adornments.

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Emperor Jewellery Proudly Presents New “12+1 Crown Your Life” Collection

New auspicious animal Pixiu

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