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Emperor Jewellery Presents the New “Yo Yo” Collection Building the Life and Castle of Your Dream

Apr 9, 2018

Building the Life and Castle of Your Dream

There was a time when we strived for our dreams, before we put aside our ideals to keep up with the pace of the world. As life is full of possibilities, let us embrace our youthful zest and carve out a brighter future. In another sparkling moment for the acclaimed collection, the “Yo Yo” Collection by Emperor Jewellery unveils its latest designs that encapsulate a vibrant and sleekly playful style. To spotlight the verve and emotions that underlie the pursuit of one’s dreams, the brand invited renowned artist Nicholas Tse to feature the new “Yo Yo” Collection in the MTV of his latest song “Unbridled ”. An ardent explorer of life, Nicholas instils vigor into every work commitment and devotes his best effort to the task, while he seeks breakthrough and new possibilities with a genuine heart. Echoing the spirit of the classic “Yo Yo” Collection, Emperor Jewellery has always thrived on its passion for the art of jewellery, as it creates new breakthroughs and surprises with exceptional creativity and craftsmanship.

The New “Yo Yo” Collection
Untiring perseverance and Striving for dreams

The new “Yo Yo” Collection takes design inspiration from the magnificent castle, which every brick in its construction embodies the will and perseverance that one must possess in pursuing their dreams. Symbolizing the fruits of hard work and glory, the castle evokes the emotions one experiences in striding towards their goals, and bears testimony to every success and breakthrough that lights up their path. It encourages all of us to embrace the passion of life and pursue the life of our dreams.

The Collection features the subtly fashionable black chalcedony as the main structure of the castle walls. Charming in its bright and even black color, the premium black chalcedony is meticulously polished to create rich, three-dimensional rhombus-shaped patterns that emanate an urban sense of style. The unisex design makes the jewellery a sophisticated choice for both men and women. A gemstone of power and positive energy, the black chalcedony is believed to enhance the wearer’s sense of confidence and courage, inspiring them to strive for their goals with dedication. The “Yo Yo” Collection includes 18K white gold black chalcedony earrings, bracelet, pendant and ring, which earrings, bracelet and pendant are also available in diamond-encrusted design. The bracelet captures a trendy, spontaneous style with its genuine leather weave bracelet.

For more details, please visit our official website: or Emperor Jewellery’s Facebook page: or our Instagram: emperorwatchandjewellery

“Yo Yo” Collection

18K White Gold Black Chalcedony Diamond Pendant

18K White Gold Black Chalcedony Diamond Bracelet

18K White Gold Black Chalcedony Ring

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