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Emperor Jewellery Presents “Mini Me” Family Jewellery Collection for Mother’s Day Celebrating the familial bond between hearts and souls

Apr 19, 2018

A mother’s love is courageous and selfless, and it is an instinct possessed by both humans and animals. This great and self-sacrificing love nurtures the growth of every young life. This familial bond leads you to realize that your mother, who has always been by your side, is the one who sees your heart and soul. In celebration of Mother’s Day this year, Emperor Jewellery specially presents the “Mini Me” Family Jewellery Collection, which takes inspiration from adorable animals with a strong maternal nature in creating matching jewellery for mothers and their children. Each design is available as a Mom and Baby set, which symbolizes the deep love and happiness between every mother and child pair in an ode to their beautiful bond.

Emperor Jewellery’s “Mini Me” Family Jewellery Collection
Tokens of a Mother’s Selfless Love

The “Mini Me” Family Jewellery Collection presents enchanting mother-and-baby pendant sets modelled after lovable animals, including the panda, giraffe, dog, cat and bear, which make perfect gifts for family-themed parties or new-born celebrations. Each pendant set is available in diamond-pavè version or single-diamond version.

The Merriest Mom Panda and Baby Panda

Pandas are adored for their gentle temperament. Mom Panda protects and takes care of Baby Panda every day, wrestling and playing with her child in a merry picture. In the delicately designed set, Mom Panda and Baby Panda lovingly gaze into each other’s eyes, revealing the closeness between mother and child.

The Most Far-Sighted Mom Giraffe and Baby Giraffe

Standing tall in the wild, giraffes can see long distances and discern dangers coming from afar. As Mom Giraffe keeps a sharp lookout to keep Baby Giraffe safe, the two can take a leisurely stroll across the plains. The Mom Giraffe and Baby Giraffe pendants are made with 18K white gold, yellow gold and white diamonds. The golden spots add an adorable touch to the giraffes, as Mom Giraffe keeps watch over Baby Giraffe every day.

The Most Affectionate Mom Doggie and Baby Doggie

Dogs are said to be a man’s best friend, and many people have lasting affection for the dogs who were their favorite childhood companions. In the thoughtfully designed pendant set, Mom Doggie is leading Baby Doggie on their walk, which brings to mind the guidance one has received from their mother from a tender age. It is the most fitting gift for the mother who has nurtured her child through the years.

The Most Resilient Mom Cat and Baby Cat

Despite her petite size, a female cat can give birth to up to nine kittens in each litter. As the births may take a few hours to two or three days, the mother cat devotes every ounce of her energy to caring for her newborns. In a lively design, the Mom Cat and Baby Cat pendants are adorned with a touch of yellow gold to depict the woolen yarn balls that cats love to play with. The resilient Mom Cat recalls the difficult moments of giving birth which all mothers go through. It makes the most heart-warming gift for the mother who continues to make loving sacrifices for her child.

The Most Endearing Mom Bear and Baby Bear

The furry bears are loved for their endearing presence. As Mom Bear holds Baby Bear in her arms, the warm and furry embrace brings comfort and peace. The lovely Mom Bear and Baby Bear pendants evoke the whispers and embrace one shared with their mother in their childhood. Share this festive day with your mother by revisiting this sweet memory together.

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“Mini Me” Family Jewellery Collection - Mom Panda and Baby Panda

“Mini Me” Family Jewellery Collection - Mom Giraffe and Baby Giraffe

“Mini Me” Family Jewellery Collection - Mom Doggie and Baby Doggie

“Mini Me” Family Jewellery Collection - Mom Cat and Baby Cat

“Mini Me” Family Jewellery Collection - Mom Bear and Baby Bear

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