Important Announcement – Regarding Unauthorised Use of Emperor Jewellery Brand Name on Fraudulent Website and Facebook Page

May 18, 2018

Important Announcement from Emperor Jewellery

Recently, Emperor Jewellery has received information about an unauthorised use of Emperor Jewellery’s name on a fraudulent website and Facebook page (hereinafter “the Infringers”), who offered gold jewellery products which they claimed to be authentic Emperor Jewellery products for sale through other online channels.

We hereby clarify that Emperor Jewellery has never set up any online store on http://www.hvafx.com/ or http://www.facebook.com/bgnstyle.com, or authorized or commissioned the Infringers to undertake online retail activities of any kind on behalf of the company. For all products and accessories sold by Emperor Jewellery, the after-sales services are provided in strict accordance with the Emperor Watch & Jewellery’s sales invoice issued by Emperor Jewellery. The only lawful and official website of Emperor Watch & Jewellery is http://emperorwatchjewellery.com/; the only official Facebook page of the company is Emperor Watch & Jewellery英皇鐘錶珠寶http://www.facebook.com/emperorwatchandjewellery.

Emperor Jewellery will take necessary legal actions against the Infringers. We also wish to remind the public to stay alert to fraudulent information and beware of frauds.

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