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Emperor Jewellery collaborates with artist Gillian Chung to present new Chinese Wedding Fine Gold Collection

Jul 20, 2018

Gold wedding adornments have always been an essential part of Chinese weddings. Newlyweds receive these heirlooms from relatives as a blessing for the couple’s everlasting love, and today, Emperor Jewellery combines the classic design of these pieces with western asthetics to complement the contemporary bride and continue to bring blessings to this most auspicious of occasions.

Emperor Jewellery invited artist and bride-to-be Gillian Chung to star in the “Chinese Wedding Fine Gold Collection” campaign and to share her joy. Her alluring smile and exquisite beauty lends a vibrant touch to the wedding jewellery.

Throughout the shooting, Gillian was in high spirits, saying, “you will be genuinely happy once you meet your Mr. Right. I love the Chinese tradition of gifting jewellery to brides-to-be as heirlooms and, more importantly, mementos of their heartfelt blessing, the best of their wishes and love. It really is what makes the wedding so special and so meaningful”. Gillian also pointed out that she was spellbound by Emperor Jewellery’s Fine Gold Floral Wedding Collection, adding “the floral designs are sure to amp up the elegance of all Chinese wedding dresses.”

Emperor Jewellery Chinese Wedding Fine Gold Floral Collection

The collection takes inspiration from the camellia found in the East, as well as roses in the West to symbolize the romance of a joyful marriage, blending culture and aesthetics with contemporary design and exquisite craftsmanship.

The rose is a universal symbol of love and affection. It represents passionate love and commitment that is eternal. In it’s creation, the Chinese Wedding Fine Gold Floral Collection utilizes the high flexibility of gold and precision of the goldsmithing to blend the vivid roses in a harmonious and sophisticated design. The leaves are meticulously sculpted as an embellishment to the roses, together complementing the modern, charming brides.

The camellia here is used to bring out the refined elegance of the bride and serves as a romantic interpretation of the pure and honorable bond between lovers. In a display of supreme craftmanship, the artisans intricately carve pure gold into soft lines of camellia. The delicate work reveals the modish East meets West design, a perfect match to both Chinese- and Western-style gowns.

Emperor Jewellery Chinese Wedidng Fine gold “Auspicious Dragon and Phoenix” Collection

The Dragon and Phoenix represent the communion between the couple, and is traditionally regarded as the best blessing from the parents to the newly weds for matrimonial bliss. This timeless design is reinterpreted into a contemporary, feminine piece using different techniques that include engraving, openwork and hammering, bringing the Dragon and Phoenix to life.

A gold tiara of “double hapiness(囍)” crowns the bride with delicate blooms and soft tassels, making it the perfect touch for the traditional Qun Qua (裙褂) look.

The mythical creatures are joined with another auspicious symbol, the Chinese Clouds, that carries the meaning of harmony and fortune. Ingenious engraving techniques, frosting and polishing enrich the traditional gold adornments with a softness and shine, making it the perfect choice for brides who loves geometric, simplistic designs.

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Chinese Wedding Fine Gold Floral Collection

Chinese Wedding Fine Gold Floral Collection

Chinese Wedding Fine Gold “Auspicious Dragon and Phoenix” Collection

Chinese Wedding Fine Gold “Auspicious Dragon and Phoenix” Collection

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