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The latest Emperor Jewellery Bridal Collection

Apr 17, 2012

Emperor Jewellery proudly presents the new Bridal Collection, which is fully integrated with classic design and refined craftsmanship. Emperor endeavours to attain the best quality of diamonds, with the cutting edge technology to bring every impressive creation, including engagement ring, wedding band and bridal jewellery, to life. At Emperor Jewellery, quality control is paramount; each jewel is made by master craftsman and polished to perfection at every stage of creation. Emperor Jewellery Bridal Collection is a guarantee of profession and confidence.

The latest Emperor Jewellery Bridal Collection, the “Engagement Ring Collection” is made of PT 950 Platinum and 18K Rose Gold. This classic and elegant design embraces tightly with a captivating and dazzling diamond at the center which represents the promise of sincerity and passion of love. Emperor Jewellery offers a wide range of diamonds for your selection, from our most popular brilliant cut diamond which symbolizes harmony and forever union, to fancy cuts such as heart-shaped, cushion, marquise, baguette-cut etc. The moment she says “Yes, I do,” sparkle up this colorful and blissful marriage with this sentimental prelude.
Emperor Jewellery creates its “Signature Ring Collection”, the design extracts” ”, which is the symbol of inspiration and sophisticated craftsmanship of the brand. The collection is spectacularly created with 18K white gold or rose gold, highlighted with six pieces of dazzling diamonds. Representing Emperor Jewellery, ” ” is the symbol of exceptional and remarkable craftsmanship, but also the icon for “Eternity” and devotion to love.
Introducing the “Eternity Ring Collection” of Emperor Jewellery, it seals the happiness and unforgettable moments in these graceful and timeless designs. These glittering diamonds are perfectly and skillfully encrusted in a simple band which represents the power of love and commitment.
Classic is imperishable. Introducing “Classic Wedding Band Collection” by Emperor Jewellery, the meticulous craftsmanship reflects classic and elegance simultaneously with the simple and flawless lines which comfortably fit the finger. Every angle reveals an unbelievable luster from itself, making it perfectly charming. It is a true treasure between married couple for a lifetime.
Emperor Jewellery proudly presents the Bridal Jewellery Collection which consists of magnificant diamonds and pearl creations, the simple yet glamorous design reveals the beauty of top quality diamonds and pearls. This imparts grace and elegance to any wedding and evening gowns, symbolizing the beauty of perfectionsim that no one can resist.
A bridal corner is specially installed at Emperor Jewellery “1881 Heritage” Flagship Store and several highlighted jewellery stores. The corner showcases the engagement rings, wedding bands, diamond and pearl jewellery for wedding and evening gowns. It also provides a classy and cozy environment for brides-to-be and grooms-to-be to choose their wedding jewellery, while enjoying professional opinions and attentive assistance from Emperor Jewellery’s professionals.

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