Over the years, Emperor Watch and Jewellery has garnered renown for its collaboration with the world’s most prestigious timepiece brands, offering a fine selection of premium watches for the sophisticated customers. At its Rolex Boutiques, a team of experienced sales representatives are dedicated to providing professional opinion and exceptional service to customers. With its commitment to excellence in product and service quality, Emperor Watch and Jewellery has won wide acclaim and trust from its customers. Be it shopping or enquiries about maintenance and care for your exquisite Rolex, our team are here to serve you with professional and personalized assistance. 



The Group saw active expansion of its timepiece business under the helm of Chairman Dr. Albert Yeung. In 1972, it became a trusted partner of the international premium timepiece brand Rolex, when Observatory Watch & Jewellery was appointed authorized retailer of the brand. It consolidated Emperor Watch and Jewellery’s status as one of the few recognized retailers of high-end watches in Hong Kong.

Pictured is Dr. Albert Yeung (first right) along with the Swiss Ambassador to Hong Kong Mr. H. Suter (third right), General Manager, Rolex Hong Kong Co. Ltd., Mr. Hans Brunner (second right) and Asian movie queen Ms. Betty Li (second left) performing the ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the shop’s expansion. The occasion marked an important milestone in Emperor Watch and Jewellery’s long-term collaboration with Rolex in the future.


With the trust garnered from its long-standing collaboration with Rolex, Emperor Watch and Jewellery and the brand joined hands to open the first Emperor Watch and Jewellery Rolex Boutique at No.8 Russell Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong in 2008.


In 2013, Emperor Watch and Jewellery embarked on the overseas market and launched its Rolex Boutique in Singapore.


Today, Emperor Watch and Jewellery has launched a chain of Rolex Boutiques in Hong Kong, Macau, major cities in Mainland China and Singapore. With their extensive experience and professional expertise, our team of sales representatives will assist you in selecting a timepiece that lasts a lifetime.


Emperor Watch and Jewellery’s Rolex Boutique at Chongqing Times Square had a grand opening on September 7, 2018 with (From the left) Mr. Paul Li, General Manager (Operations) of Long Qing Property Development (Chongqing) Co. Ltd.; Ms Cindy Yeung, Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of Emperor Watch and Jewellery; Ms. Dai Ling, Vice Chairman of Chongqing Yuzhong District CPPCC and Deputy of Party Group; Mr. Yundi Li, Rolex Watch Ambassador and International Virtuosco Classical Pianist and Mr. Brahim Drissi, General Manager, Rolex Guangzhou Co. Ltd. as officiating guests.


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